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Wide-band TV broadcasting high-power UHF antenna “Corona”

i0076rpOptimum combination has been reached in wide-band UHF antenna of high KU with low weight and  wind loads to the bearing.


Antenna is used for analog and digital TV broadcasting in working range of 470-862 MHz. The quantity of working channels is limited by total  power  of combined  signals.

The construction of the antenna is self-supporting and represents a compact turnstile structure of oscillator, and together with block separation  of signal is under airtight glass-fiber material radio transparent covering (RTC) in form of a pipe, 280 mm in diameter.

Antennas have full factory assembly and are adjusted by radio engineering parameters to frequency operation range of 470-862 MHz.

Antennas are installed on the tops of bearings, at self-supporting pipes of present antennas systems of “Polygon” type, on the roofs of high buildings, on platforms and bands of bearing metalware.

Upon customer’s request, RRUE “Luch”,  performs affixment of  antenna to supporting metal ware, production and arrangement of necessary elements (consoles, corbels, crampons , etc. ) for setting of antennas into design position.

Lately RRUE “Luch” has supplied more than sixty antennas for radio and TV broadcasting centers in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, about twenty composing hardware, more than thirty antennas for radio broadcasting, which are successfully run in all climatic regions from Western Europe frontier to Kamchatka.


at horizontal surface                                                                 0,6 – at arrangement at band of the bearing


Type pf Antenna               Amplification        Total capacity, kW      Height, m      Weight, kg                 Dislocation                     constant re lative

to isotropic

radiator, dB
Corona 4-SM1                  5,5-8,5                        1,0                                   2,5                   40        I-IV Wind area

Corona 4-BM2                 5,5-8,5                        2,0                                   2,5                   40        I-IV Wind area

Corona 6-BM2                 7,0-10                         2,0                                   3,5                   60        I-IV Wind area

Corona 6-BM4                 7,0-10                         4,0                                   3,5                   65        I-IV Wind area

Corona 6 BM-6                7,0-10                         6,0                                   3,5                   70        I-IV Wind area

Corona 8 BM-6                8,5-11,5                      6,0                                   4,4                   100      I-IV Wind area

Corona 8 BM-8                8,5-11,5                      8,0                                   4,4                   110      I-IV Wind area

Corona 10-BM10             10-12,5                      10,0                                 5,5                   120      I-IV Wind area

Corona 10-BM12             10-12,5                      12,0                                 5,5                   130      I-IV Wind area


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