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Radio broadcasting antenna FM and PM ranges



Antenna is used for application in the systems of radiobroadcasting  at OHS range or PM subrange  (66-74 MHz.), or at  FM sub range (88-108MHz.)

Structurally antenna is an  array antenna, made of loop vibrators. Vibrators are made of brass, and the bearing is made of  steel or aluminum alloy materials. From external actions the feed node of loop vibrators is protected by radiotransparent covering.

Antenna is installed on the top of the tower or on the roof of a high building  on the own metalware (due to the structure of antenna elements it is also possible to assemble them on the customer’s pipe 60-110mm in diameter).


Frequency range                                                  66-74 MHz. or 88-108 MHz

Band of working frequencies                               4MHz within the range

VSWR at working frequencies band                   1,2

Polarization                                                             Vertical

DD in horizontal surface                                        circular

Quantity of levels                                                    1 or 2

Amplification relative to isotropic radiator

for one level                                                             2,6dB

for two levels                                                           5,6dB

Feed impedance                                                    50 ohm (75 ohm)

Total input capacity

for one level                                                             till2 kW

for two levels                                                          till 5 kW

Input connector                                                     of customer’s choice

The height of the antenna

One-leveled                                                            3300-4500 mm

Two-leveled                                                           5900-7500mm

Lightning protection                                           direct connection in direct current




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