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Open Joint Stock Company
“Gomel Design Bureau “Luch”

main-imgOpen Joint Stock Company “Gomel Design Bureau “Luch” is the leading enterprise in the Republic of Belarus for development and production of antenna-feeder devices and their elements.

The enterprise develops and produces a wide range of transmitting antennas of VHF and UHF band for radio- and TV broadcasting, devices of combining of signals of several transmitters, receiving and transmitting antennas for radio communication, antennas equivalents and ballasts, elements of feeder paths.

The enterprise produces at a high scientific and technical level :

– development of mathematical models and programs for calculation of AFD characteristics;

– creates automated test benches for measurement characteristics of AFD;

– сomplete modernization of  TV- towers with wide-band antennas.

During 1996-2000 Gomel Design Bureau “Luch” developed and introduced into production a new, UHF wide-band antenna for transmitting TV- centres, a wide-band power amplifier, overlapping the whole UHF band, introduced into production devices composing transmitter signals with close frequency channels.

Upon customer’s request, “GDB “Luch”,  performs affixment of  antenna to supporting metal ware, production and arrangement of necessary elements (consoles, corbels, crampons , etc. ) for setting of antennas into design position.

Lately Gomel Design Bureau “Luch” has supplied more than sixty antennas for radio and TV broadcasting centers in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, about twenty composing hardware, more than thirty antennas for radio broadcasting, which are successfully run in all climatic regions from Western Europe frontier to Kamchatka.

The second activity area of Gomel Design Bureau “Luch” is development and production of medical facilities, recommended by Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus for equipping of medical and prevetion institutions: electric cardiomeasuring system for carrying out of diagnostics stress tests with the use of  bicycle ergometer; stationary 12-channels automated electrocardiograph operated by P.C; programmable  bicycle ergometer, vacuum fixation system of ECG electrodes, medical cardio graphical and therapeutic couches, reusable electrodes for electrocardiography, leads cables for  different  cardiographs.


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