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Electro vacuum system M32-EVS1

Electrode vacuum system M32-EVS1 (system of vacuum fixing of ECG electrodes) is used for providing securing contact of  current-collecting elements, suction electrodes with patient’s body by means of created vacuum exhaustion of air into  suction electrodes.

Perfectly combined with all electro graphic instrumentations and instrumentations for testing cardiopulmonary system.

Is used for manipulation functional loading tests in cardiologic practice for simple and fast overlapping  ECG electrodes and operative removal of electrocardiogram under loading and state of rest.

This is:


Vacuum air pressure, kP                                                                   15-50

Voltage of Supply alternating current,V                                           220 ± 22

Supply frequency, Hz                                                                         50 ± 0,5

Working power, W                                                                              not more than 60

Weight, kg                                                                                            not more than 6

Overall dimensions, mm                                                                    not more 360x260x120


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