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Antenna of vertical polarization of IV-V TV ranges “Collinear”


Antenna of vertical polarization of IV-V TV ranges “Collinear”


Antenna is used for TV broadcasting in one channel of IV-V TV ranges under vertical polarization of radiating field. Structurally antenna is a

collinear aerial array from coaxial vibrators protected from thunderstorms. From external actions the aerial array is protected by radio transparent covering. Antenna is installed on the top of a tower or a roof of a high building.  If necessary, antenna can be installed on the band of the bearing (tower) by means of brackets.

In order to give directivity to the antenna at horizontal surface reflector is used.

Amplification constant of the antenna increases approximately at 2 dB.

Lightning protection is provided by direct bonding at direct current of the antenna with the earthing loop of the bearing.



CHARACTERISTICModification of the antenna
Collinear-1Collinear- 2
Working frequencies band470 – 790
The bond of the working frequencies, MHz.28 within the range
VSWR at the strap of working frequencies? 1,2
DD at horizontal surfaceCircular or directed
Feed impedance, ohm50 (75)
Input connectorUpon customer’s choice
Quantity of active vibrators48
Amplification constant relative to isotropic radiator under circular DD, dB811
Total input capacity, kW25,0
Height of the antenna, mm2300-34003200-5300


DD in horizontal surface


  DD at vertical surface

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