Twelve-channel automated electrocardiograph on the basis of universal electro measuring unit M32-EK2 UNICARD


Twelve-channel automated electrocardiograph on the basis of universal  electro measuring unit M32-EK2 UNICARD

with application of PC and laser printer

Is used for

  • High quality measuring, display and analyses of electrocardiogram in 12 standard leads, Nehb leads and monitoring for diagnostics of heart rate
  • Automated calculation of amplitude and time parameters of ECG, keeping of specialized clinic electro cardio data base
  • Printing of any quantity of ECG copies   on paper in forms convenient for the doctor
  • It has a program of ECG interpretation on ECH pathology, exercise ECG , variability of heart rate, QT-dispersion
  • saving of the r
    esults of ECG- examination in the memory of the computer
  • carries out comparison of electrocardiograms and the results of interpretation, registered in various periods of times
  • It has ECG control function, ECG interpretation function, electronic diaries of every examined person, a search so engine of different criteria.

Period of guarantee not more than 24 months.

Software in Russian language.

Equipment control is done by standardization authorities of Belarus.


  • Synchronous taking of ECG at 12 leads with display in a form of a real time moving diagram on the monitor
  • Automated calculation of the following ECG parameters:
  • Intervals P,PQ,Q,QRS,R,S,ST,T,QT;
  • amplitudes P,R,T;
  • pulse;
  • systolic cardioindicator.
  • Storage of ECG in the memory of PC;
  • Printing of the whole data lot, or its fragments by doctor’s choice.


– Convenient, compact (128×78,5×18), light (0,7 kg);

– common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) not more than 200000 at every channel;

– sampling frequency 500Hz/chanel;

– two-level shielding from defibrillation impulses.


  • Universal stand with adjusted holder;
  • cardiographic couch M32-M1 for measuring of ECG of rest;
  • bicycle ergometer M32-B1for carrying –out of stress test;
  • electrode vacuum system M32-EVS1;
  • Software for rest or stress-test;
  • PC and a laser printer.


кабель отв.600х600

Universal lead cable M32-KO1

Designed and serially produced lead cable M32-KO1 (TU RB 400068368.004-2001) is used for connection of electrograph with electrodes under alteration and registration of heart bioelectric potentials in cardiology.


  Impedance of every electric circuit, kOhm                                                   10 ± 10%

  Length  from the connector to the leads of plugs, m                                    2,695 ± 0,05

  Weight, kg                                                                                                           not more than  0,52

  Quantity of leads                                                                                                10;  5.



Electrocardiographic electrodes М32-Е4







Used for taking of electro cardiograms among children and grown-ups. Different types of electrodes are produced, such as:

–     clamping electrodes M32-E1 – delivery set 4 pcs.


Characteristics of the electrodes meet the requirements of  standard of quality GOST 25995-83

Developed  together with Belarusian RI of cardiology within state program “Diagnostics and medical equipment”.


Bicycle ergometer M32-B1

Bicycle ergometer is part of an  electrocardio measuring system, used for rehabilitation and diagnostics M32-K2 UNISET.   It is used for  veloergometrical exercise tolerance tests in cardiological practice.

It has 13 programs, 3 of which can be reprogrammed.

The following characteristics are displayed on the control panel:

  • rotation speed of pedals;
  • operating capacity;
  • program and its parameters;
  • time;
  • patient’s consumed energy;
  • heart rate, if it exceeds the fixed limits, audible signal is given.


  • load range 25-400 Wt;
  • discreteness of load- 5 Wt;
  • precision of maintenance braking moment at working range 25-400 Vt;
  • type of loading- brake at current;
  • display of indicator – LC-display;
  • digital indication of load;
  • indication range of RPM sensor – 20-120 t/min;
  • limits of absolute error of RPM sensor+ 2 t/min;
  • discreteness of the setting of load and time-1 min;
  • quantity of load levels within limits 1-60;
  • pulse rate limits 40-240 r/min;
  • error of pulse measurement not more than -5 %;
  • power supply of bicycle ergometer is from network with uncoupling that provides electrical safety within requirements 30324.092 class I, type B;
  • consumed power-not more than 100 Wt;
  • operation of bicycle ergometer-software and hand-operated;
  • weight-not more than 75kg;
  • dimensions-150x50x150 sm;
  • controlled height of the seat and handlebar;
  • Works at 13 programs, three of which are free programmed.


  • Exact dosing of physical loading capacoty independently from rotations;
  • power change range: 25-400 Wt with discreteness of 5 Wt;
  • connection with PC;
  • opportunity of programming of loading tests by oneself, or by means of PC;
  • alteration and indication of frequencies of heart beats, setting of the limits by frequencies of heart beats;
  • indication and remembering of the main parameters.

Electric cardio measuring system for rehabilitation and diagnosis M32-K2 UNISET


Electric cardio measuring system for rehabilitation and diagnosis

M32-K2 UNISET includes:

  • Bicycle ergometer
  • 12-channel automated electrocardiog-raph, which includes:

– universal electric cardio measuring unit Unicard M32-EK2;

–   PC with LC-display;

–   software (software for rest or stress-test);

–   laser printer;

–  universal stand with adjusted holder;

–  set of electrodes (chest+ clamping).

  • Cardiographic couch M32 for measuring of ECG of rest;
  • Electrode vacuum system M32-EVS1 for vacuum fixture of ECG electrodes.

Set of electrocardiomeasuring system is

made up in accordance with customer’s request.

System is used for:

– taking of electrocardiodiagrams,  carrying out of functional exercise ECG testing  and rest tests?

– for remote control and checkout of the condition of one or several patients under rehabilitation by one medical person.

Electrocardiomeasuring system has the following characteristics:

  • compliance with international requirements for exercise ECG testing,
  • setting-up of the tests parameters and creation of own reports,
  • High-quality monitoring and analysis of ECG under stress physical exercises,
  • automated calculation of amplitude- temporal parameters of ECG, maintenance of specialaized data base of clinical electrocardio data,
  • Control of PQRST form, heart rate, displacement of ST-segment, electrosystolia during and after exercise,
  • alarm signal in case of exceeding of adjusted specified ECG parameters over the limits,
  • determination of patient’s physical condition , functional class and tolerance to physical exercise, giving of recommendations on physical activity regimen,
  • automatic formation of an examination report with objective estimations  of the results of exercise tolerance test and ECG interpretation,
  • on the termination of testing the analysis of amplitude and time parameters of cardio complex from received ECG fragments is carried out throughout ergometric parameters, alteration of HR, AT, exercise load,
  • Printing of any quantity of ECG copies  on paper in a form convenient for the doctor.
Куш кардио600х600

Cardiographic couch M32-M1


Is used for taking of the  patient’s electrocardiogram in the state of res.

Possesses the following technical characteristic:

  • overall dimensions; length-2090mm, width-690 mm, height-600 mm ;
  • weight, not more than 45 kg;
  • maximum patient’s weight-150 kg;
  • material: wood, foam rubber covered by vinyl artificial leather;
  • run of movable bearings-380 mm;
  • calculated operating time, not less than 15 years

It is possible to supply the couch from the warehouse of the enterprise in a standard version or up to  specific order (in this case the customer shall mention the height of the couch and the placement of the terminal block.)

ЭВС 1-600х600

Electro vacuum system M32-EVS1

Electrode vacuum system M32-EVS1 (system of vacuum fixing of ECG electrodes) is used for providing securing contact of  current-collecting elements, suction electrodes with patient’s body by means of created vacuum exhaustion of air into  suction electrodes.

Perfectly combined with all electro graphic instrumentations and instrumentations for testing cardiopulmonary system.

Is used for manipulation functional loading tests in cardiologic practice for simple and fast overlapping  ECG electrodes and operative removal of electrocardiogram under loading and state of rest.

This is:

  • the simplest and fastest method of attachment of ECG electrodes, which allows to  take cardiograms faster;
  • more saving, if compare with disposable electrodes, even if it’s required to take only several cardiograms a day;
  • higher quality of ECG taking;
  • adaptive to several skin types;
  • The usage of system preserves the patient’s cable from early wear;
  • works as a part of available equipment –ECG, bicycle ergometer.


Vacuum air pressure, kP                                                                   15-50

Voltage of Supply alternating current,V                                           220 ± 22

Supply frequency, Hz                                                                         50 ± 0,5

Working power, W                                                                              not more than 60

Weight, kg                                                                                            not more than 6

Overall dimensions, mm                                                                    not more 360x260x120



Physiotherapeutic couch M32-M2


Physiotherapeutic couch М32-М2 is used  for physiotherapeutic procedures and patient’s examination

Possesses the following technical characteristics:

  • framework-wooden colored mass, the upper part is covered by vinyl artificial leather, moisture proofand resistible to disinfecting means;
  • overall dimensions; length-2090mm, width-690 mm, height-520 mm;
  • maximum patient’s weight-150 kg;
  • calculated operating time, not less than 15 years.